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Viewpoint: What are you seeing in circulation?

By: Bill Tuttle
It’s going on two years since the America The Beautiful quarters started production for circulating coins.

I have yet to see one (any one of them) in circulation on Cleveland’s East Side. I admit, at first I wasn’t going to ask for any because I am burned out from the state and territories quarters. But after a six-month “rest,” I thought I’d ask my bank teller if the bank had any. The teller told me, “We’d get them if somebody asks for them. Then you’d have to order a box.”

I thought to myself, “A whole box just for one America the Beautiful quarter. No way.”

So I thought I’d get around it by asking for a couple rolls of regular quarters.

Most of the coins in the two rolls I got were post-1965. There were 25 state and territories quarters scattered among the two rolls (which contained 80 coins), with the latest one being Nevada.

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I’ve gone to other name brand banks besides the one I have my accounts with and was told I had be an account holder there. Even the grocery stores/supermarkets I visit don’t have any (there are plenty of 2011 cents and dimes, but no America the Beautiful quarters).

I asked one cashier if she had any ATBs and she replied indignantly, “If I had TB, I wouldn’t be working here.”
Red-faced, I explained what I meant, and she told me, “No, don’t have any of those either.”

I’ve been checking the return chutes of the Coinstar machines as well. Sigh.

I think I would have better luck finding a U.S. or foreign gold piece there in the chute.

Where, oh where, in circulation are you, O elusive America the Beautiful quarter?

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Hobbyist Bill Tuttle is reporting on what he sees, or in this case, doesn’t see, in circulation in Cleveland, Ohio. Tuttle and other collectors are responding to an Oct. 4 request for reports on circulation finds. If you have an experience to share with other collectors, please send it to david.harper@fwmedia.com. Please identify yourself and provide your city and state. After all, what use are circulation finds reports if other collectors aren’t given a sense of where they are (or aren’t) happening? If you would like to write a letter, send it to the address below.
If you have an opinion on another topic, you are invited to share that in this space. Circulation finds don’t usually make it to this box, but this week it helps to emphasize the call.
Viewpoint (usually) is a forum for the expression of opinion on a variety of numismatic subjects. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of Numismatic News.
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