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Viewpoint: Mint three-cent coin to save money

How about a holed three-cent coin to replace some of the massive quantities of one-cent coins being produced?

By Wayne Pearson

Rather than abolish the cent, as some would like, saving the cent could be as easy as 1-2-3. A Trime. Consider if we issued a three-cent piece. For every 100 one-cent coins, we could issue 16 trimes (48 cents) and 52 one-cent coins. That is a total of 68 coins. Already we have a savings of raw materials for 32 coins per 100 one-cent coins currently being made.

Multiply this by the billions made, and that is a lot of savings.

For identification, the coin would be smaller than a dime at 16.5 mm, thicker, and like the Philippines 5-sentimos coin, which has a hole in the center. The edge, rather than being smooth, could have a line in the center like the EU two-euro cent coins. In receiving change, instead of four cent coins when your change is four cents, you would receive a trime and a cent. Change of nine cents would be the same plus a nickel. The materials used would be the same as the current one-cent coin.

At any time if we should experience a shortage of one-cent coins – DOUBTFUL – we could make 15 trimes instead of 16, allowing for an additional three one-cent coins per hundred.

Multiply this by the billions made and we will be fine.

This “Viewpoint” was written by Wayne Pearson of Union City, Ind.

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