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Viewpoint: Coin shows can’t please everyone


By: Jim Coulthard
vp200For the last few months I have read many letters to the editor about coin shows, both from the dealers’ and patrons’ points of view. But I have not read about coin shows from the point of view of the people who put on the shows.

First, let me state that I am not here to offend anyone. I have put on the shows for our club for a few years now and find the experience very enjoyable. But when you get involved, be prepared to get criticized from both the dealers and the public.

One of my favorites from last year was when a gentleman came up to me at the show complaining that he did not see the show advertised on TV. I told him it was on TV and on what channel. He informed me that he does not watch that channel and that I should have had the ads on the channel he watches. I then asked him how he knew about the show, as he was at the show complaining to me about the advertising. I will not say here what he called me next.

I have been criticized on what page in the paper the ads were on, what day the show was on, where the shows are held and so on. And of course I hear about dealers leaving the shows early.

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I have heard dealers’ suggestions on how to improve the show. One complaint I got was about table assignment at the show. So I went to a drawing for table assignment done one month before the show at our club meeting. This made some dealers happy and some not, but I thought it was the fair thing to do.

Another was about security for the dealers so I moved our show to a room so the dealers can drive into the room to load and unload their coins and currency.

For all of you out there who put on the shows just remember that for every complaint you receive there are way more people happy with the show you put on.

One last thought, have you ever noticed that the people who complain the loudest never get involved with helping with the show? My grandfather use to say to me never criticize a man until you walked a mile in his shoes. As a kid I never thought much about this, but now I realize just how smart my grandfather was.

So get involved with putting on coin and stamp shows for your club, and I think this will be a real eye opener for you.

This “Viewpoint” was written by Jim Coulthard, a hobbyist from Box Elder, S.D.
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