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Vacketta Collection to be sold

Rich Hartzog of World Exonumia will be offering the Vacketta Collection of Illinois Trade Tokens in numerous upcoming mail bid sales.

The late Ore Vacketta was the author of the two standard reference books on Illinois tokens. After years in storage, Vacketta?s collection of about 11,000 different trade tokens will be now be sold to the highest bidders.

Vacketta put together a collection that includes saloon tokens, bi-metals, coal tokens, watch fobs, wooden nickels, military tokens and rare towns, as well as many more common tokens.

Interested collectors can get a free list of all tokens in the sales via e-mail. Due to the size of this collection, no printed catalog will be produced, with most sales by e-mail auctions and some mail sales in collector publications.
Sales were to begin in March.

For a free list, e-mail Hartzog your name, address, phone number and e-mail address, and information will be sent on each auction.

Due to the size, parts of the collection will be sold in small lots.

Contact Hartzog at hartzog@exonumia.com, or by calling (815) 226-0771 or by writing to: Rich Hartzog P.O. Box 4143CRD, Rockford IL 61110. 

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