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U.S. Mint seeks more coin designers

NN0829seal.jpgThe U.S. Mint is seeking 10 associate designers and six student designers to participate in its Artistic Infusion Program. They will fill out the pool of Master Designers that the Mint currently has under contract.

Deadline for associate designer applications is Sept. 15. Student designer applications will be accepted Sept. 15-Oct. 16.

AIP artists have submitted successful designs for high-profile programs such as the Westward Journey Nickel Series?, the 50 State Quarters® Program, the American Eagle Platinum Coin Program, the Presidential $1 Coin Program, the First Spouse Gold Coin Program, and other commemorative coin and medal programs.

See www.usmint.com/artists to access the application, or call the Mint at (202) 354-7727 or e-mail art@usmint.treas.gov. Submissions will be evaluated on several factors, including drawing ability, compositional skills and level to which the design demonstrates research of subject matter.
Artists who are U.S. citizens should submit a completed application that will include samples of their work.  A design exercise for applicants will also be required. Interested artists are required to use the ?Call for Artists Application Packet,? which includes program details, eligibility requirements, artistic criteria and detailed application guidelines.
The Artistic Infusion Program will now have three levels. The Mint will continue contracts for up to 10 master designers. Through this application process, it will select up to 10 associate designers and up to six student designers.

Students will participate in a summer internship with Mint sculptor-engravers at the Philadelphia Mint.
?I am confident that the changes we have made will help our young artists to succeed and bring even more creative energy and ideas to the program,? said Mint Acting Director Lebryk.

Under the program?s new provisions, each master designer submitting designs will receive an honorarium of $1,500; associate designers will receive $1,000; and student designers $500.

Each will receive an additional $2,000 per design selected. They will be invited to create and submit at least one design candidate annually for a coin or medal program.
Mint sculptor-engravers will continue to model the designs submitted by the Artistic Infusion Program artists. The sculptor-engravers also submit designs under the program.

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