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Uncirculated platinum Eagle numbers arrive

The 2008-W platinum uncirculated coins make their debut in the box directly below this column. As can be seen from the early sales, expensive coins sell in small numbers.

But then again, it might just be summer, as evidenced by the sales of bags of the Presidential dollars. Their numbers hardly budged. The current issue, the John Quincy Adams bags, sold in the largest quantity. The combined total for the 25-coin roll rose by 1,682.

The 2008 14-coin clad proof set makes its first appearance in the numbers at about one-quarter the level of where the 2007 left off. The last 2007 proof set number was 1,717,972.

Bullion Eagles barely broke into the month of July. On the first day of sales, there were 34,500 silver Eagles sold and just 1,000 one-ounce gold Eagles.
For fans of First Spouse coins, it is interesting to see the development of the usual collector preference for proofs. There are about two sold for each unc.



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