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Turrini gives talk during meeting

California coin activist Michael S. Turrini gave a presentation titled “What is Money?” to the Delta Coin Club of Stockton, Calif., during its Aug. 15 meeting.

Using two tables full of items as examples, Turrini explained the economic and monetary concepts of money, its characteristics and usages, as well as varieties.

On display was a 12 inch diameter Yap Island Stone, Confederate paper money from the 1864 seventh issue, tokens, dog teeth, Kissie Pennies from West Africa, stocks, certificates, a French Revolution assignat, Swedish plate money, Katanga copper crosses, buttons, odd money from Southeast Asia, checks, bills of exchanges and bonds.

The talk was derived from the program Turrini presented before high school students enrolled in senior-level economics courses.

“We were quite impressed with Michael’s enthused presentation and certainly we all learned, particularly the several junior members who never saw and held a Yap Stone,” said Thomas C. Jackson, Delta Coin Club president.

The club meets at 6:30 p.m. on the first and third Fridays of the month at Eagles Hall, located at 1492 Bourbon St. in Stockton.

For more information, write Delta Coin Club at P.O. Box 216, Victor, CA 95253-0216, call (510) 547-0518 or e-mail emperori@juno.com.

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