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Tumonis announces ANA candidacy

Anthony A. Tumonis, a Tucson, Ariz., hobbyist and coin dealer, has announced his candidacy for the seat on the board of governors of the American Numismatic Association.
Tumonis said he believes the ANA should serve all members equally whether they are a dealer or collector.
His platform is to bring back the standards and values that he says all members deserve by doing the following:

  • A return to the effectiveness of the Club Representative Program by restoring the regional coordinator positions with committed volunteers and an effective national coordinator for the West, Midwest and East Coast.
  • Bring back the 1948 board resolution recognizing long-term members that was eliminated in 2006.
  • Insure that ANA board meetings are open for all business discussions. Board meetings should be open to all members with the exception of disciplinary matters and financial contracts.
  • The members deserve to know how each board member votes on each action that is taken, and the executive director needs to inform the board of every action that he is taking that could impact the members.
  • The ANA membership deserves to see how the board is spending its money. In years past the year-end budget was published in the Numismatist, breaking down how much money was spent by each board member.

Tumonis added that he is concerned with the board approving any changes to the ANA bylaws without first publishing these changes for the members to review.

?Creative people thrive in a climate of openness and tolerance,? Tumonis said. ?Authoritarianism is stifling.?

He has been a member of the ANA since 1981. He has received the Helen Carmody-Lebo Memorial Award, the Terry Armstrong Memorial Award, the Glenn Smedley Award and an ANA Presidential Award.

He served as the general chairman for the ANA?s Early Spring Convention in 1996 and currently serves on the Arizona State Quarter Commission.

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