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Treasure coins on block

quartereagle-1.jpgTreasure coins brought up from the wreck of the S.S. New York in the Gulf of Mexico will highlight at pre-American Numismatic Association convention auction to be held July 27-28 by Stack?s in Baltimore.

Gold and silver coins from Southern Mints will be among the highlights.

A privately produced Christopher Bechtler $5 gold piece, K-19, graded AU-58 by Numismatic Guaranty Corp. will go on the block.

A remarkable 1845-D quarter eagle, brought up from the ocean floor, is now considered probably the finest known at NGC MS-64.

quartereagle-2.jpgThere are other gold pieces from the Dahlonega, Charlotte and New Orleans Mints as well as from Philadelphia.

Gold coins of the world recovered from the wreck will also be sold. These include British sovereigns and gold 8 escudos pieces from Latin America.

Some coins show the ravages of ocean water and are labeled with various  ?shipwreck effect? letter grades A-C. Those that show no adverse impact from their time in the sea are graded normally.

Hard Times and Merchants token collection assembled by James E. Dice and M. Lamar Hicks were given their own separate Stack?s catalog for a July 28 session.

The sale also features Continental currency, American paper money and American Bank Note Co. archive material.

For more information, check Stack?s Web site at www.stacks.com.

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