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Transylvania Coin Realizes $280,000 at Swiss Auction

A 17th century Transylvania coin realized 276,000 Swiss francs (about $278,000 USD) in a Maison Palombo auction held Nov. 17 in Geneva.

The Hungary-Transylvania 1696 gold 10 ducats graded NGC MS-63+ has on its obverse a depiction of Leopold I (1640-1705), who was Holy Roman Emperor and King of Hungary, Croatia, and Bohemia, which stretched across much of Central and Eastern Europe. The coin weighs 34.6 grams and was minted in Klausenburg, which now is called Cluj-Napoca and is in Romania. The city also is the unofficial capital of the historical province of Transylvania.

This Transylvania 1696 Gold 10 Ducats graded NGC MS 63+ realized 276,000 Swiss Francs (about $278,000 USD).

A France 1825 Charles X platinum medal graded NGC MS-62 realized 168,000 Swiss francs (about $170,000 USD). The rare medal is 68 mm in diameter and weighs 375.8 grams.

This France 1825 Charles X Platinum Medal graded NGC MS 62 realized 168,000 Swiss Francs (about $170,000 USD)

Other rarities sold in the Maison Palombo auction include but are not limited to:

A Honduras 1895/88 gold 20 pesos graded NGC XF-45 that realized 102,000 Swiss francs (about $103,000 USD).

A Roman Empire Crispina (AD 177-182/3) gold aureus graded NGC Ancients MS, 5/5 Strike and 5/5 Surface that realized 78,000 Swiss francs (about 78,600 USD).

A France 1810-dated Napoleon I and Marie Louise gold medal graded MS-64 that realized 62,400 Swiss francs (about $62,900 USD). The medal is 41 mm in diameter and weighs 29 grams.

An Italy 1696 sequin with a portrait of nobleman Jean Baptiste Ludovisi (1665-1699) graded MS-60 that realized 60,000 Swiss francs (about $60,400 USD).

All lots can be viewed at www.sixbid.com. Prices realized include the buyer’s premium.



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