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Top Stellas in PCGS display

Though the headline display of rarities comes from the Smithsonian, the nation?s coin dealers will also be showing high-powered rarities at the World?s Fair of Money in Denver Aug. 16-19.

The highest-rated four-coin set of $4 gold pieces, popularly called Stellas, will be on display at the Professional Coin Grading Service booth. Visitors can look at the coins and obtain an educational pamphlet about Stellas.


Fewer than eight complete sets can be assembled, so what is already rare becomes super rare in the PCGS Set Registry competition. This set has a combined grade average of Proof-66.10 out of a possible Proof-66.80.

The owner of the set is anonymous, but it is on loan from Superior Galleries, and is registered under the firm?s name with the PCGS Registry.

The 1879 Flowing Hair $4 is graded PCGS Proof-66 Deep Cameo. The estimated mintage is 700. The 1879 Coiled Hair $4 is Proof-66 Cameo. Twelve are known. The 1880 Flowing Hair is Proof-65 Cameo and 17 are know. The 1880 Coiled Hair is Proof-64 Cameo and eight are known.

Because some of the coins are in museums, fewer than eight sets can be completed by collectors, said Ron Guth, PCGS president.

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