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Token books updated

Author Russell Rulau has announced that three of his books will be updated and repriced in the coming year. Supply of Tokens of Spain, the hardcover catalog published by non-profit group Numismatics International of Texas, is dwindling and needs revision, he stated.

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Rulau’s two publications on Columbiana and on the tokens of Latin America are sold out. Each new edition adds many additional listings and updated valuations due to strong demand for used copies on Internet venues like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and eBay.

He stated that the tokens of Mexico have been expanded with the Colonial and early Republic issues at the forefront, as well as machine-struck hacienda pieces from makers like Moise-Klinkner, San Francisco (now Patrick & Co.) and Scovills, Waterbury, Conn.
Important discoveries from Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Argentina, Bolivia and Panama are included. Some small silver or bronze medals are added to “fill” certain areas that need historic coverage.

The small silver “procs,” or proclamation pieces, of Bolivia circulated widely as money, accepted even by British, Italian and other bank branches in La Paz and Potosi. The Bolivian procs are usually found with small holes at top, as the native populace wore thin rope belts to carry them in strands instead of using purses.

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Usually the reeded-edge silver specimens are found in sueldo (real) denominations, the sueldos about 3.5 grams and the 2 sueldos double that, with silver fineness the same as government issues, which were always insufficient for commerce.

Text contributions are welcomed for all three books. For more information, write Rulau at P.O. Box 153, Iola, WI 54945, or call (715) 445-3581 before 7 p.m. CST.

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