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Time to search for bargain coins

The coin market is healthy. Perhaps it is the healthiest of any market you can think of. There are numerous items that were and have been overpromoted over the last several years and they are and will continue to show spotty weakness. There will be no crash unless precious metals do so and the need for liquidity forces liquidation of these overpromoted items. Even if this were to happen the core market of truly scarce collector items would remain viable whether it be an 1862 dime in fine or a 1911-D $10 Indian in EF-40. Coins that are scarce and affordable will remain so and only possibly become less affordable.

There is a slowdown and this is a healthy sign. It is a good time to find those with a need to sell and a chance to stock up before the next bout of inflation comes along and pushes prices even higher. Stay away from generic items at bargain prices unless you have the ability and wherewithal to turn them quickly when the time comes.

There is very little change in the type coin charts this issue. Although nice problem-free examples of nearly all issues continue to trade at strong prices whether they be a G-VG Seated quarter, an EF Draped Bust half dime or a BU Trade dollar.

Proof type coins are showing downside adjustments in the mostly higher grades of Proof-64 to Proof-66.

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