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Time for answers from Director Moy

The following is an open letter for Mint Director Ed Moy.

I have been ordering from the U.S.Mint for over 20 years with very little complaint as I’ve received all products within a very good timeframe.  I’ve read many negative comments within the numismatic community and trade publications over the years but have never personally been affected, until now.

I believe that the entire numismatic community should have the truth in what is happening with the Ultra High Relief $20 Saint-Gaudens.

My order was placed with in the first three hours of sales and I see that these coins have already reached the third party grading services as of Feb 20,.  I was to have mine shipped Feb 6, 2009, but have not been able to track my order as the mint has shut down the Web site tracking links on Feb 6.

I finally called today, March 3, to see what the status was.  I was told that it would be shipped by the end of April or early May. 

Mr. Moy will you please tell the whole story on why we (everyone who has an interest) are being given the run around? This is unacceptable for the U.S. Mint to hide the status of this or any of our products. The story has gone on long enough. 

How many of the 300,000 planchets have been received from the Perth Mint? 

How many coins have been struck?

How many orders filled? 

When is the next batch of planchets due in?

When will orders really going to be filled?

I checked the status of another order I had placed several weeks ago for the “common” items that I regularly order only to find them in a hold status, with my credit card approval already given.  I usually receive common items that are in stock within five to 10 business days, this time, who knows? 

Can you tell us if the Mint is actually producing anything? 

Do you have more than one die?

Are the coining presses broken? 

Is the shipping department slowing down? 

Are you out of gold?

Surely, saying nothing is not being honest with the American collector, but then again, the U.S. Mint is part of the government and “We The People” have no business asking our government operational questions on our monetary supplies, let alone expecting an honest answer. History is proving that now.

Steve Phillips is a numismatic hobbyist.

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