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The New Russian Old Style

 New Russian medals Old Style

New Russian medals Old Style

Even though the old Soviet Union has long passed from the scene there is a consistency of style in the new versions of their military medals that could make the old time Soviet collectors feel right at home. The hammer and sickle has been replaced with the double headed eagle but not much else has changed. The designs in my opinion are still of what was called “socialistic realism” and many of the medals are still just as cheaply made. For example here we have the new Russian Excellent Frontier Guard awards in I class with tri-color broach, II class with red broach and III class with emerald green broach. All are stamped out of 1.3mm thick aluminum which gives each good detail and durability while at the same time being very light weight. The reverse is a concave version of the obverse. Most practical of all are the enameled broaches which simulate cloth ribbons. This old Soviet idea means that most of these will last a life time without fading , getting soiled or frayed. I guess I must conclude here that cheap isn’t always bad.

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