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Tenth-ounce gold Eagles sell out

Eager buyers snapped up the last of the 2009 tenth-ounce gold fractional American Eagles to be made available to the market by the U.S. Mint on Dec. 14.

An additional 10,000 tenth-ounce American Eagle coins went out the door, bringing the 2009 sales total to an unofficial final tally of 270,000 pieces, the same number of tenth-ounce coins as were sold in 2008 and 2006, and up by 90,000 from the 180,000 sold in 2007.

Sales of 2009 half-ounce and quarter ounce coins were running heavy as of Dec. 16 at levels considerably higher than the 2008 totals, but the Mint had not yet declared a sellout of these two gold American Eagle sizes.

So far, the 2009 half-ounce coin sales figure is 101,000 coins as compared to 50,000 sold in 2008 and 2007 and 42,000 in 2006.

For the quarter-ounce size, 100,000 coins have been sold so far, up from 58,000 in 2008, 32,000 in 2007 and 46,000 in 2006.

These 2009 gold coin sales totals have been achieved in less than two weeks from the time the first ones were offered Dec. 3.

On Dec. 15, the U.S. Mint was expected to sell some additional one-ounce gold American Eagles for the first time since Nov. 25. No sales numbers were available by press time. Some 1,193,500 have been sold so far during 2009.

Only authorized purchasers can buy the U.S. Mint’s gold bullion coins directly from the Mint. Supplies are divided among these buyers using the standard allocation process, which is the Mint’s term for rationing.

Authorized purchasers in turn sell them to their clients in the secondary market.

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