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Take a look at the ‘W’ uncirculated eagles

lilmint.jpgTime to look at the 2006-W uncirculated American Eagles box. Totals changed again. Being a Mint accountant must be an exciting job, because as the reconcilation of numbers process goes on, it sure makes the lives of collectors interesting.

The one-ounce proof platinum ?W? coin total more than doubled to 1,100. The gold half-ounce zoomed up by 1,644 to 5,000 pieces. The gold quarter ounce jumped by 702 pieces to 5,000. If you think we are in a rut, to keep us on our toes, the total for the four-coin gold set dropped by 681 to 10,500.

With swings of that magnitude you could be forgiven for thinking that some of these must have gone back on sale. That is not the case. It is accounting.

The 2006 silver proof American Eagle sales have stopped. To mark the occasion, the sales total dropped by 5,165.

Jamestown numbers are advancing. Almost half the gold has been sold.bigmint.jpg

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