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Sun and planets in Australian set

At the beginning of November, the Royal Australian Mint launched a series of 10 coins celebrating our solar system.

Common obverse (top left) and reverses (top right and below) of Australia’s new coin series celebrating the planets of our solar system – and its sun. (Images courtesy & © Royal Australian Mint)

The coins range in denomination from cent to $5 and come presented in a pop-up book that contains information about the sun and each planet. It is the ideal Christmas gift for a younger relative that is showing an interest in science. The stylized reverse designs are by Aaron Baggio. Mintage is 10,000 sets.

Mercury, Venus, and Earth (Images courtesy & © Royal Australian Mint)

The 10 coins are: Sun $5 (aluminum-zinc-bronze, 38.74 mm, 20.00g), Mercury 5 cents (cupronickel, 19.41 mm, 2.83 g), Venus 2 cents (bronze, 21.59 mm. 5.20 g), Earth (cupronickel, 23.60 mm, 5.65 g), Mars $2 (aluminum-bronze, 20.50 mm, 6.60g), Jupiter 50 cents (cupronickel, 31.51 mm, 15.37 g), Saturn $5 (stainless-steel ring, aluminum-bronze core, 28.00 mm, 10.60g), Uranus 20 cents (cupronickel, 28.52 mm, 11.30 g), Neptune $1 (aluminum-bronze, 25.00 mm, 9.00 g), and Pluto cent (bronze, 17.53 mm, 2.60 g).

Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn (Images courtesy & © Royal Australian Mint)

The bimetallic design of the Saturn $5 is intended to represent the planet and its rings. The cent coin is just the second-ever change in the reverse design of an Australian cent coin. The first occurred with the Possum Magic issue in August this year.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (Images courtesy & © Royal Australian Mint)

RAM recognizes Pluto is now classified as a dwarf planet.


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  1. plutogirl says:

    Dwarf planets are planets too, as intended by the scientist who initially coined the term “dwarf planet,” New Horizons principal investigator Alan Stern. I hope RAM will recognize that and thank you for including Pluto with the planets, where it belongs.

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