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Summer doldrums broken only by Eagles

harperart170.jpgI hope you have a nice summer backyard barbecue to plan this week because the numbers on this page don?t provide much to exercise the mind, unless of course, you are actively trading in American Eagle bullion coins.

Numbers basically crept up a little, or even down a little in a case or two, but no major changes in trends seem obvious.

For silver American Eagle bullion coins, the slowdown seems now to be showing up in the numbers. The total rose by 202,000. The week before the number had increased by 467,000.

Distributors had been warned that silver blank supplies to the Mint would be reduced by half early in the month of June and the reduction noticed here is roughly one-half. Looks like cause and effect wouldn?t you say? There are still another week?s worth of numbers to count for June, so perhaps the final monthly figure will be close to the 1,516,000 registered in May.

For gold American Eagles, the one-ounce total increased by 5,000. For platinum, the quarter ounce increased by 400 coins. Buffaloes saw the June number rise by 1,500 to 4,000.



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