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Stater promotes lively sale

Gold stater (ABC 1444) sold by Chris Rudd in January for $4,322. One of c.90 found at Freckenham in 1885. (Image courtesy Chris Rudd)

When Chris Rudd put the gold stater from the 1885 Freckenham hoard up for sale on Jan. 13, it produced quite a fight. If nothing else, this small coin demonstrated that while grade and rarity are primary determiners of price, pedigree can weigh most heavily. And this Great British ancient had an enviable provenance.

Rudd is no novice at the Celtic coin game and had put this stater on the block with an estimate of £1,500 with a starting price of £1,200. It all seemed so reasonable until several collectors decided they wanted to be the one whose name would become inscribed alongside those of Sir John Evans, Bernard Roth, Richard Lockett, and Commander Richard Mack.

It sold for £2,800, giving a total price with premium of £3,360, or $4,322.


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