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Speculators target sheets

Potential rarity and rumors have driven speculation in four-note sheets of Series 2004A $10 Federal Reserve Note stars.

The chief rumor apparently has been along the line that the Bureau of Engraving and Printing was planning to destroy unsold Series 2004A $10 star note sheets with the Atlanta Federal Reserve district designation.

Prices online and in print advertisements surpassed $500 for the four-note sheets, with asking prices observed to reach as high $850 in the past month.
Issue price from the BEP is $69.

?Regrettably, eBay has advertised fictitious reports quoting (BEP marketing manager) Kevin Brown,? said BEP spokewoman Darlene Anderson. ?Mr. Brown did not make any of these statements and has attempted to correct the information.?

As of press time, BEP was temporarily out of stock of the four- and eight-subject Series 2004A $10 sheets.

Anderson said BEP ?is now in the process of replenishing the supply and expect to have these sheets available for sale by mid-June 2006.? She said the Fed bank designations of this supply wouldn?t be available until more sheets are available for purchase.

The BEP began offering four-note, eight-note and 16-note 2004A $10 star note sheets online and in its visitor centers shortly after the redesigned note was released to the public in March. It also sold the sheets at the American Numismatic Association?s National Money Fair in Atlanta April 7-9.

Some sellers on the secondary market point to the March 2006 BEP production report, which shows 9,600 GF* (Atlanta star) 2004A $10 Federal Reserve Notes were produced at the Fort Worth facility, in the form of 300 sheets.

While BEP?s product supply may be replenished with sheets indicating other Fed districts, further Atlanta sheets could be produced in the future.

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