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Special anniversary issue up next


Subscribers are about to receive an extra issue of Numismatic News to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of this paper and celebrate the company that grew from this beginning.

The extra issue will have a cover date that is just three days later than the cover date of this issue. It will be dated Oct. 26. In short order, therefore, you should receive this Oct. 23 issue, the Oct. 26 60th anniversary issue and the Oct. 30 regular weekly issue.

Please look for them.

When we celebrated our 55th anniversary in 2007, I did not alert readers to the pending anniversary issue in this column. The consequences were twofold.

In some instances, there were copies of the anniversary issue that went astray in the mail and some readers did not receive them. They didn’t even realize there was such an issue. That was unfortunate because it was an enjoyable issue to read.

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The second reason for this advance warning is that five years ago I received perhaps the most peculiar letter I have ever received in my career.

The writer chewed me out royally about the contents of the anniversary issue. He said if this is the kind of stuff published in Numismatic News, he didn’t want to have anything to do with the paper.

Apparently, it was the first and only copy of Numismatic News that he had ever seen and he took umbrage at all of the personal reminiscences and other historical material relating to the paper as examples of content that would be appearing in each and every future issue of the paper.

He apparently didn’t notice the “Anniversary Issue” and “Special” labels on the cover, or the “Krause Publications Celebrates 55 Years of Numismatic News” across the tops of the interior editorial pages.

I hope this won’t happen with the 60th anniversary issue.

I never again heard from the letter writer, so I don’t know if he ever looked at a regular issue.

In any case, the content of the upcoming 60th anniversary issue have been almost entirely reader generated. I think you will enjoy it all when you receive it. I know it has been enjoyable for us here to put this 104-page special issue of the paper together.

I find that readers’ sharing memories of their many years in this great hobby of ours is compelling, almost addicting. The memories of others certainly jogged my own memories of my time in it.

I have always been a fan of what others are saying about numismatics. When I first saw the paper in 1969, I zeroed in on letters to the editor. I read each and every one. By the time I finished those and the rest of the paper, I decided to subscribe because they seemed like the kind of people I wanted to be around. I still feel this way.

In short, that means that you and others inspired me to start down a very satisfying path that I hope will continue to take us together through the many highways and byways of American numismatics.

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