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Some weeks’ sales number can be quirky

lilmint.jpgDid the discovery of plain-edge Washington dollar errors have any impact on collector purchases of bags and rolls from the Mint? You might think so, but when you look at the data, it looks more like a puzzle than an answer.

The Philadelphia 250-coin bags of Washington dollars are outselling the Denver, but then the roles reverse when an examination is made of the 25-coin rolls. Perhaps it is just a one-week anomaly in the data. Last week sales were more even.

Only the 2006 quarter-ounce proof platinum American Eagle remains on sale. Sales of the half-ounce proof have now ended.

Washington state quarters have gone on sale in bag and roll quantities. Opening purchases seem strong in the first week, equaling more than 50 percent of the total sales of Montana already.bigmint.jpg

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