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Some set purchasers cancelling orders

NN0829seal.jpgTo the accompaniment of e-mails to Numismatic News, at least some Mint clients have been canceling their orders for the two-coin American Eagle 20th Anniversary Gold and Silver Set.

Sales numbers provided by the Mint show that as of Sept. 25, sales have dropped by 528 sets from the prior report. A total of 18,672 out of a possible 20,000 available have been sold.

The set features 2006-W uncirculated one-ounce gold and silver American Eagle coins. As of Sept. 28 the Mint was to begin selling the coins separately to collectors. The price of the individual coins at $739.95 is $110.05 less than the $850 issue price for the two-coin set.

This has upset some Mint customers and spurred the reaction against the two-coin set.
For information about the set or the availability of the uncirculated 2006-W gold, silver and platinum American Eagles, visit the Mint?s Web site at www.usmint.gov.


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