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Society publishes souvenir card catalog

AprilCard.jpgThe Souvenir Card Collectors Society has published a new catalog titled Souvenir Cards: A Visual Reference. It is largely the work of William Kriebel, president and journal editor.

The 140-page catalog features 12 categories of cards cataloged by the SCCS numbering system.

Souvenir cards are collectible items printed by security printers using the intaglio printing process with engraved medal plates. The premier printer of such items is the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

BEPcard0520bw.jpgThe catalog attempts to list all known modern-day cards since 1969 when the BEP began its current program. Just a few Forerunner Union cards are included prior to that date.

The catalog?s black and white pages are three-hole punched to allow for updates. The pages are bound in a plastic binder for protection and to allow for page additions.

DecemberCard.jpgAccording to SCCS, Souvenir Cards: A Visual Reference is the first such picture listing since 1997. Before then, the only published reference was the society?s 1989 publication that didn?t include images.

Copies of the catalog are available to members for $10 for the first copy. It costs $15 for non-members. Catalogs can be shipped to the U.S. only, and shipping costs $3 per copy.

SeptemberCard.jpgSend orders to The Souvenir Card Collectors Society, 1923 Manning St., Philadelphia, PA 19103.

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