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Smithsonian hits the road

NNSmi0725c.jpgA new traveling Smithsonian Institution exhibit of Pioneer gold, silver and paper items will make its debut at the American Numismatic Association World?s Fair of Money Aug. 16-19 in Denver.

Called, ?Frontier Gold,? the exhibit will feature an 1861 Clark, Gruber & Co. $10 gold piece depicting an inaccurate Pikes Peak and an 1854-S $5 gold piece. Also featured will be a mixed metal ingot of Virginia City, L. Kuh,  circa 1870. It contains $6.31 in gold and another $16.52 in silver, all recorded on the ingot itself.

The $5 coin is the finest example of 268 struck.

?These coins illustrate America?s rich frontier gold heritage and how gold revolutionized the economy of the West,? said Brent D. Glass, director of the National Museum of American History.

Sponsoring the exhibit are Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America and Numismatic Conservation Services, LLC.

The Smithsonian plans future traveling exhibits next year for Orlando, Fla., St. Louis and Baltimore, in January, April and August, respectively.

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