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This article was originally printed in the latest issue of Numismatic News.
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More Americans have a little piece of gold in their pockets.

Sales of tenth-ounce gold American Eagle bullion coins in 2010 already exceed the level of sales of the 2009 issue.

So far, 280,000 coins have been supplied to the market by the U.S. Mint compared to 270,000 last year.

The 2009 total, though, was achieved in a sellout that occurred in less than two weeks last December, while this year’s number represents slightly more than two weeks’ worth of sales, which commenced on June 10. The difference, of course, is sales of the 2010 coins started earlier in the year and are continuing.

Demand for the 2010 half-ounce American Eagle and the 2010 quarter- ounce coin still lags the results of last year’s short December sales period.

Since June 10, 31,000 half-ounce coins have been sold. Last year 110,000 coins were sold in the three-week availability period in December.

For the 2010 quarter ounce, 44,000 coins have been purchased compared to 110,000 in 2009’s three-week sales period.

Sales of the 2010 one-ounce American Eagle gold coin are running at roughly the same pace as last year.

At the year’s midpoint, 2010 sales totaled 610,000 pieces, as compared to 1,315,000 in all of last year.

Silver Eagle one-ounce bullion coin sales are running at a pace roughly one-third higher than what was achieved in 2009. More than 18 million coins have been sold midway through the year compared to almost 29 million in all of 2009.

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