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Mint Stats: Small spurt in proof Eagle sales

gold american eagle coinThere was surprising life in the one-ounce gold American Eagle proof number this week. It rose by 2,023. The other sales options just slogged along slowly. Collectors took only 78 of the half-ounce proofs in the past week while they purchased 120 of the quarter-ounce and 319 of the tenth-ounce pieces. The full set saw sales of an additional 441. None of these results looks like a house on fire, but the one-ounce piece has reached the halfway mark in terms of the maximum number that will be available.

2012 U.S. Coin Digest

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After an initial 7,500 in sales reported last week, just 762 more of the 2011 proof Buffalo gold coins were taken by collectors. The uncirculated version, which has been available longer, rose by 435 pieces, but sits at only 2,260.

Bullion coin numbers rose slightly but not a full week of data is available because of the Memorial Day holiday.

The platinum 2011 one-ounce proof went on the board at 6,786, almost as many as the proof Buffalo’s start.

U.S. Mint Statistics

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