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Sleepy week results led by gold Buffaloes

littlemint.jpgThis is not a rip-roaring week to look at the latest sales numbers from the U.S. Mint. You can tell that by the fact that gold Buffalo coins will be mentioned first. Sales of the proof one-ounce Buffalo coin rose by 1,569 pieces this week to 19,659. Sales of the bullion coins sold through the dealer distribution network rose by 1,000 pieces to 5,500 for the month of June.

The sales numbers for the ?W? mintmarked uncirculated Eagles, which in hobby shorthand seems to be evolving into ?burnished Eagles,? saw sales rise by 53,514 for the silver Eagle. The gold barely moved and the tenth-ounce actually went backwards by nine in one of those peculiar Mint accounting exercises that makes the rest of us simply scratch our heads.

Still no official breakdown on proof and unc. First Spouse coins except for an assurance they were about even.


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