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Silver proofs generate over $18 million

The 2009 silver proof set continues to sell at a good clip. Sales rose by 79,200 this week to 350,572. This is just the second week where recorded sales numbers appear.

That seems like a large number when you consider that collectors are asked to pay $52.95 for each one of them. That’s more than $18 million since sales began July 17. Such is the appeal of a new offering and how deep collectors are willing to dig into their pockets to buy what they want. Already readers are reporting receipt of the sets and are examining them closely.

Sales of the two-roll sets of Formative Year cents continue to creep forward. The satisfaction of reaching the round number 300,000 will have to wait at least another week and perhaps two. The increase in sales was only 3,944 sets this week to reach 294,030.

Native American Philadelphia dollar rolls did reach a nice round figure. They passed the 50,000 mark to reach 50,215. This is only an increase of 535 on the week, though.

Bullion American Eagles continue to plow forward. The one-ounce gold was up 15,000 to reach 71,000 and the silver American Eagles rose by 525,000 to reach 2,325,000.

Sales of the Ultra High Relief rose by 865. That is almost identical to the increase of last week.

Guam numbers should be about it.

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