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Silver American Eagles rationed

Silver American Eagle bullion coins had been unavailable from the U.S. Mint for more than a month when sales resumed on a limited basis April 21.

A system of rationing has been imposed where the Mint allocates its available supply to its authorized purchasers each week on a Monday morning.

The allocations are divided into two pools. The first pool of coins is divided equally among all buyers in good standing who have made purchases from the Mint in the past three years.

The second pool is granted by to buyers according to percentages of total supplies purchased in the past. The example the Mint used is a buyer who purchased 30 percent of all silver Eagles in the past three years would be given 30 percent of the allocation from this pool.

On Mondays the Mint will notify authorized purchasers of their allocations and they will have until 3 p.m. Friday to place orders. Any leftover coins will be put into the pools the following Monday.

?The unprecedented demand for American Eagle silver bullion coins necessitates our allocating these coins on a weekly basis until we are able to meet demand,? a Mint statement said.

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