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Seeking your opinions for State of the Industry issue

YOU could be featured in the
Numismatic News:     


Special Edition – November 20, 2009

Tell us how YOU feel about the state of the industry and  you could win a Red Corn Poppy gold coin from Coin Invest Trust, valued at $49.99.  Three prizes will be awarded!


• The hot precious metals market
• The ultra high-relief Saint- Gaudens $20 piece
• The start of the U.S. Territory & State Park series

These are just a few of many topics buzzing about numismatics so far in 2009. 

Now, we want to hear what you, your peers, industry insiders and collectors have to say about your experiences and what you think is shaping the industry.  Tell us your opinions…                .

1.       What were your successes in 2009?
2.       Where do you expect to find your opportunities in 2010?
3.       How do you expect the overall 2010 market to compare to 2009?
4.       What would give you the biggest boost in 2010?
5.       What is your biggest concern for 2010?
6.       Has the hot bullion market helped or hurt you? Why?
7.       Will your clients be in a buying mood in 2010?
8.       What will your clients be most interested in buying in 2010?
9.       What are the effects of tight credit?
10.     What action can hobby papers take to give you a boost?

And, while you’re at it, tell us a little about yourself too; and, remember, we love photos!

•    Why did you choose to become a hobby professional?

•    How did you get started in the hobby?

•    How do you share your hobby with others?

Responses will be formatted into a special November 20 dated, BONUS issue of Numismatic News dedicated to readers’ viewpoints.  Plus, reports and commentary from hobby institutions like the U.S. Mint and the A.N.A.

Email your information, commentary and photos to Debbie.bradley@fwmedia.com.

Please include your name and address and let us know if you are a collector or a dealer.

Deadline for editorial submissions will be Friday, October 28.


Promote your business is what promises to be one of, if not the most, anticipated, must-read editions of Numismatic News of the year and one that readers are bound to hang onto!

Featuring, (3) full-color, GLOSSY cover positions* and specially discounted interior ad prices—up to 1/3 off regular rates!  Contact your advertising representative for details.

Ad Deadline:  November 6 (copy due November 9)

Cover Date:  November 20 (mailed to readers on November 11)

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Debbie Mader             x 13221
Robbie Cain                x  13220
Sue Konkel                x  13224

*glossy positions sold on first come, first serve basis.

We look forward to hearing from you, and be on the lookout for this special 53rd issue of Numismatic News!


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