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Second penguin series begins

Reverse of the first coin in a second Falkland Islands’ 50p Penguin Series showing the head of a Macaroni Penguin. (Image courtesy Pobjoy Mint)

In early August, Pobjoy Mint announced a second five-coin series celebrating the penguins of the Falkland Islands, long known as the penguin capital of the world.

As with the 2017 series, five seven-sided, 27.30 mm, 8.00 g cupronickel 50p will be produced, each presenting a colored head shot of a representative of each penguin variety. Mintage is 7,500 apiece.

First up is the Macaroni Penguin. It is one of the six known species of crested penguins.

Although it has a small population on the Falklands, it is the most common penguin throughout the sub-Antarctic and along the Antarctic Peninsula with some 18 million individuals.

Readers wanting a 50p penguin in their life should check out www.pobjoy.com.


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