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San Francisco commem sales to continue

Final sales date of the San Francisco Old Mint commemoratives has been postponed by two weeks to 5 p.m. Eastern Time Dec. 15.

The Mint will also begin a bulk sales program for those coins as of Dec. 1, the old order-closing date. This bulk program will let the pre-approved buyers in the Mint?s bulk program to place orders for the coins until Dec. 20.

What does a bulk inventory clearance sale look like for the Mint? If you buy a minimum 100 of the silver dollars, you can get them in packaging for the pre-issue discount price of $35 and $31 for the proof and uncirculated coins, respectively. If you want them without packaging, the price drops to $31 and $29, respectively.

The gold minimum quantity is 25 coins, with a proof price of $230 and an unc. price of $220. Without packaging, the prices drop to $215 and $205, respectively.

There are plenty of coins left, but will buyers want them?

Sales of bullion American Eagle and Buffalo coins dated 2007 begin Dec. 27, with pricing Dec. 28 and pickup on Jan. 2 by the Mint?s approved distributors. A last call for 2006 coins has been issued.NN1205stats.jpg

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