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Sales of ‘old’ nickels begin fairly modestly

We promised ourselves that we would start with nickels this week because of the reopening of sales of certain Westward Journey series issues.

The greatest demand that we notice in the charts this week is for the 2005 set, which saw sales rise by 6,907, to 347,135. That?s not too bad. We assume the word is only slowly reaching hobbyists that they are available once again.

The two-roll 2005 Bison design saw sales rise by 2,702. As you can see from the numbers, the Bison design is twice as popular as the Ocean in View design when comparing the two-roll set numbers.

Buffalo gold is also moving out the door at a steady pace. The proof version saw sales jump by 18,000 to 190,000 out of a maximum of 300,000 that can be sold.

The bullion version rose a bit to a final July total of 117,500 one-ounce coins. This compares to June shipments of 99,500 coins and an opening August number of 6,000 coins. Next week the August numbers will fill the charts for the Buffalo and American Eagle coins. The final July number for American Eagle bullion coins did not move from last week. Opening sales for August have begun so slowly that we delayed putting in the August information.

Only 1,000 half-ounce gold American Eagles sold. No platinum sold. The silver Eagles opened the month with a pretty routine 92,000 coins sold. The proof versions of the American Eagles creep up just a bit here and there. To illustrate, the four-coin gold proof set rose by just 219.

The fairly newly released 2006 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set is still putting in strong weekly numbers. Sales rose by 79,290.

Not too many of the 2005 silver proof sets that just went back on sale have sold so far. This week the number rose by 4,789. In comparison, sales of the 2006 silver proof set rose by 44,729 this week. That is a nice strong number.

Colorado quarter bag and roll sales are following the typical pattern as their availability gets closer to expiring. The North Dakota coins go on sale at the end of August.

The renewed availability of 2004 and 2005 nickels also impacts sales of First Day covers.

The Peace Medal nickel cover sales were up by 636 to 45,041. The Keelboat nickel rose by 440 to 31,466. The Bison nickel cover crept ahead by 313 to 85,306 and the Ocean in View moved higher by 307 to 25,354.

All in all, this week has been a fairly routine one for collectors buying U.S. Mint products.stats0822-resized.jpg

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