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Sales of last 2006 proof platinum Eagle end

lilmint.jpgThe last available proof 2006 platinum Eagle, the quarter ounce, went off sale. The last known sales number has been given the asterisk and that will be it until the Mint accounting process reveals to us official final sales numbers. The 2007 platinum proof American Eagles are scheduled to go on sale June 6.

The ?W? uncirculated platinum Eagles will also go on sale June 6. The ?W? uncirculated silver Eagle tentative sales date is June 13. It is called tentative because it could change.

In the meantime, the ?W? uncirculated gold Eagles move along. The one-ounce saw sales rise by 783 pieces. The four-coin set rose by 1,370. These aren?t large increases, but there is no limit on orders and no hurry. The sold-out five-coin 2006 proof sets have been dropped from the list.bigmint.jpg

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