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Sales Active for Jamestown’s Second Week

nn0206lilstats.jpgJamestown commemoratives continued to build on their initial strength. Sales of the proof silver dollar jumped by 33,477. The uncirculated version moved ahead by 10,029. Proof gold was up 6,428 and uncirculated gold was up by 2,051. The rate of sales has dropped roughly by half.

A slowing weekly sales pattern is normal for a new offering of commemoratives from the Mint unless there is an early belief that it will sell out. The market does not yet seem to believe that is possible.

Interestingly, the sales rate of 2007 gold American Eagle bullion coins are outpacing sales of gold Buffalo bullion coins. Platinum Eagles have weighed in with initial sales in the top three sizes.

Delivery delays continue with the ?W? uncirculated Eagles, according to reader reports. One reader said a March delivery is now what he knows about his order. This is perhaps why sales of the proof 2007 Buffalo was postponed.nn0206bigstats.jpg

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