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Saint-Gaudens premium backs off

This week gold is slightly under last week’s level while silver and platinum have gained some ground. Now I say that even though the premiums on uncirculated $20 Saint-Gaudens have come down nearly $100, because viewed in the limelight of a stock market that has rallied nearly 20 percent from the low of a few weeks ago, that is still significant strength.

Silver coins, dollars, and bars continue strong with lots of trading activity maintaining current premiums. Platinum is currently just following along for the ride.

Silver dollars remain moderately active with a few continued adjustments in some of the previously overpromoted dates. The venerable 1893-S has backed off in VF and EF and the 1892-CC has adjusted across the grading spectrum. The 1894 somewhat plentiful in XF and AU (usually cleaned) has moderated while the lower and higher grades remain firm. The 1902-S seems to be in very strong demand in lower grades, gaining over 10 percent in recent weeks. There seems to be strong demand for the 1925-S Peace dollar in MS-66 with rather frivolous dealer bids on the date, which I have never encountered above MS-65 and in fact may not exist above that grade.

Proof and mint sets are quiet with a few minor increases overshadowed by several 1990-S “no S” sets coming on the market. A buying opportunity? I bought one.
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