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Saint-Gaudens set in sale

118205.jpgMore than $14 million in coins will be put on the auction block by Ira and Larry Goldberg Sept. 23-26 at their pre-Long Beach auction.

Topping the list of desirable coins is a collection of Saint-Gaudens $20 gold pieces assembled by Dr. Robert Hesselgesser.

The collection is called one of the finest graded sets in existence by Larry Goldberg.

Among the coins featured in the 1907-1932 set is a 1921 grading MS-65 by the Professional Coin Grading Service.

The catalog says it has ?nice light even golden toning on both sides. Near perfect fields. A beautiful well struck coin. And a key date for this series, lest it be forgotten.?

Also noted by the cataloger is that similar examples have sold for $1 million. Mintage was 528,500 pieces.

118205N2.jpgGoldberg notes that at the 2007 American Numismatic Association convention this coin was on display at the firm?s table and gold expert David Akers, viewed the coin and deemed it the third finest known.
Another $20 highlight is a 1931 graded MS-66 by PCGS.

The cataloger says it is ?well struck with rich golden toning on both sides.?

It also notes that most of the mintage was melted and that surviving examples virtually all fall into Mint State grades.

?Only a few better-quality specimens have been auctioned in recent years, with this handsome MS-66 among the most eye-catching and beautiful, the very sort of coin to handle the situation when numerous bidders show up at an auction hankering to bid. Pop 9; 1 in 67.?

Other coins in the sale include a 1795 $5 gold piece with the small eagle reverse. It grades PCGS MS-64.

The cataloger calls it ?well struck and a hint of light toning. Very choice Premium Quality example for the grade. One of the finest known and Condition Census.?

The auction catalog notes that Hesselgesser has an interest in coins that goes back to when he was 10 years old.

He has assembled collections of Russian, and British coins and world crowns over the years in addition to his U.S. interests.

His current interest is focused on Bust dollars.

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