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Rudd Offers Rare Celtic Gold

On September 15 Elizabeth Cottam of Chris Rudd will be auctioning two rare, gold, Celtic quarter staters recently unearthed south of the River Thames. Both were minted in Iron Age Britain around 55-40 BCE.

The first found near Basingstoke is a ‘Petal Saltire’ type (ABC 809). The obverse shows a cruciform wreath motif with a saltire of petals and rings in the angles. The reverse displays one of those wonderful Celtic horses along with suns/cogwheels and rings.

The two, recently found Celtic quarter staters to be offered by Chris Rudd in September. Left: ‘Petal Saltire’ type; right: ‘Robinsun’ type. Images courtesy Chris Rudd

The second from Hungerford is described as a ‘Robinsun’ type (ABC 2105) named after the late Dr. Paul Robinson of Devizes Museum. The obverse is heavily decorated with a partial wreath, stylized wings, and pellet suns. The reverse has the usual Celtic horse and assorted pellets with a sun above.

Full details are available here. Any additional queries can be directed to liz@celticcoins.com.


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