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Rottinghaus runs for ANA board

Candidacy for the American Numismatic Association board of governors was announced by Scott T. Rottinghaus, a physician with deep roots in the ANA that date back to 1985 and his days as a Young Numismatist.

“I will bring a fresh outlook to the ANA. I am approachable and accessible and on a first-name basis with everyone. I am full of energy and enthusiasm and ready to work for the future,” he declares.

He notes that for the first time in several years, the ANA has stable management with Larry Shepherd and his team. This puts the incoming board in a unique position to forego micromanagement and focus on its vision for the future of numismatics.

“I have the business experience, problem-solving skills and open-mindedness to guide that vision,” he said.

He is a physician educated at the University of Cambridge and the Mayo Clinic. He runs clinical trials at Pfizer and serves on the faculty at Yale School of Medicine, where he cares for patients at the VA hospital.
He is, he says, a father of two young numismatists. “I am deeply and personally interested in the future of our hobby.”

He won Outstanding YN of the Year in 1988 and YN Best-of-Show in 1991. He has written 32 numismatic articles, including five for The Numismatist.

Rottinghaus is a regular instructor at the Summer Seminar, which he has been attending since 1987. He has mentored and chaperoned YNs since 1998.

Rottinghaus says financial stability is critical.

“The ANA’s deficit continues and income is dampened by the global recession. The ANA must balance its budget while ensuring that financial responsibility does not diminish the quality or accessibility of services for its members,” he says.

He highlights fund-raising as a particular area that needs to be enhanced and donors need to be properly recognized.

The election for president, vice president and seven governor positions will be conducted by mail ballot approximately June 1-July 15.

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