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Rolls and bags set in Colorado

Rolls and bags of Colorado state quarters went on sale June 14 after the coin?s official debut in Denver at a ceremony headed by Gov. Bill Owens.

Collectors may buy two-roll sets of the new coins featuring one roll of uncirculated coins from Denver and another roll from Philadelphia (80 coins in all). Price is $32 for the set.

Bags of 100 quarters are available from each of the two mints for $35.50 each. Bags of 1,000 quarters are likewise available from the ?P? and ?D? mints. Price is $300 each. There is a shipping and handling charge per order of $4.95.

Also, due to the weight, an additional charge of $7.95  will be added for each 1,000-coin quarter bag. Orders can be placed through the Mint Web site at www.usmint.gov, or (800) 872-6468.

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