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Robinson to sell ancient coins

Dealer Frank S. Robinson is holding his 64th mail-bid auction of ancient and early coins. The sale, which closes Wednesday, Nov. 9, will include 566 lots, offered without reserves or minimum bids.

There is no buyer fee, and bids will be reduced as competition permits. Robinson notes that bid reductions averaged 15-20 percent in his past sales.

Highlighting the Greek section is an Athenian Owl tetradrachm with possible extra leaf in obverse design, grading AEF; a VF Baktrian tetradrachm of Antimachos; a bronze of Pontius Pilate; a Metapontum Demeter head stater; an AVF Thasos stater with erotic motif; a nice VF tetradrachm of Antigonos Gonatas; and a run of Parthian coins including a number of rare types.

The sale features coins of over 100 different Roman rulers and family members. Notable lots include an EF Augustus tetradrachm from Antioch; a VF sestertius of Tiberius with triumphal car design; an EF Nero dupondius, and a choice Antioch tetradrachm of his grading VF-plus with unusual full legends, and a Sabina denarius in EF.

All grades were assigned by the cataloger.

The sale will also include a Byzantine contingent including several rarities, a run of Sassanian and other early coinages, group lots, numismatic and historical literature, and a section of items offered at fixed prices.

Three such sales are held annually. For a free photo-illustrated catalog, contact Robinson at Box 3040A, Pine Station, Albany, NY 12203-0040; phone/fax 518-482-2639; e-mail frank@fsrcoin.com.

Also, the entire catalog, with color photos, will be posted  at http://www.fsrcoin.com/index.html.

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