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Record dealer tally at FUN convention

Sometimes “very good” is as good as it gets. And that’s not a bad thing.

That’s how many dealers summed up business at the Florida United Numismatists 54th annual convention in Orlando, Fla., Jan. 8-11.

“It was a very good show,” said dealer Steven Musil of Kearney, Neb. “In my two plus decades of FUN show experience, with my worst a 1 and the best a 10, this one would be about a 7.”

For collectors in the mood to buy, there were plenty of choices to be had.

“We have about 2,000 dealers ready to welcome you,” FUN President Bob Hurst told the crowd assembled at the show’s opening ceremony.

It was a record number of dealers.

“The economy may look bad outside these doors, but inside it looks really good,” Hurst said.

For Salisbury, Md., dealer Gus Tiso, the FUN show was “OK.”

“It wasn’t anything exceptional like it’s been in the past,” he said, “but the serious people were there to buy.”

And there weren’t a lot of bargains out there, Tiso said. Rare coins and high quality coins are still commanding top dollar.

The FUN show is the largest coin show held in the U.S. and often seen as a barometer of the hobby.

To show their support for the coin community, the FUN board presented the American Numismatic Association $40,000 to be used for counterfeit detection and grading sessions at its Summer Seminar. Hurst made the presentation of a large facsimile check, which was accepted by ANA President Barry Stuppler, ANA Executive Director Larry Shepherd, and ANA board member Cliff Mishler.

“This will help with the success of Summer Seminar for years to come,” said Mishler, who had challenged clubs to support ANA educational programs.

Prior to the ribbon cutting led by FUN board member Jeanne Shepard, Hurst presented an ANA Presidential Award to FUN Secretary Cindy Wibker and a FUN Presidential Award to Anthony Swiatek.

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