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Reagan talk just that

A Ronald Reagan circulating dime for 2007 is coming, if you believe the   rec.collecting.coins Internet newsgroup.  More than 70 postings in the group have been devoted to the subject. The only problem: there?s no basis for it.

In 2003, and again in 2004, there was a strong move to replace Franklin D. Roosevelt on the dime with a portrait of Ronald Reagan, who served with distinction as a two-term President, as well as governor of California after a movie and television career in Hollywood, and a youth as a lifeguard and sportscaster.

But those moves expired when Nancy Reagan, his widow, just said ?no?, and the 108th Congress passed into history. With the coming of the 109th Congress, there are three Ronald Reagan numismatic bills in the hopper, H.R. 329, to create a Reagan $10 bill; H.R. 766, to create a Reagan $50 bill, and H.R 932, which would have a non-circulating legal-tender Reagan silver dollar and $5 gold coin.

All have been referred to committee; none has had any action taken, nor is any anticipated in the foreseeable future.

But the idea lives online and gives the proposition a life of its own.

Ronald Wilson Reagan, who died June 4, 2004, at age 93, remains two years after his death the center of controversy as politicians for and against his commemoration on coins and paper money continue to take partisan sides on a variety of proposals that have surfaced.

In the meantime, the Reagan dime idea remains an idea whose time has not yet come.

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