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Reader Viewpoint: Mint record means time for leaders to go

I’ve been collecting for years, but never before have I felt compelled to write about a topic. Following Numismatic News over  the last year, and talking to numerous collectors and dealers, it seems like this country has a big problem with the operation of  the U.S. Mint.  The problem is one of inept and incompetent leadership.

The list of failures of Mint leadership  of just the last year alone would necessitate a change of directors in any well-run company.

Leading the list, the delivery of the Ultra High Relief gold Saint-Gaudens double eagles being left on collectors’ doorsteps. A gold coin costing $1,400 being left on doorsteps and in mailboxes? Has anybody heard of registered mail?

The travesty continues with the debacle with the proposed Lincoln cent design for 2010. Apparently the Mint approved a design used by the Weimar Republic in Germany before the numismatic press picked it up. The proposed flag design that the Mint put forth is equally uninspiring.

Does anybody collect the proof American Eagles? Geez, when it’s almost November and the proof 2009 silver and gold Amercan Eagles are not now to be available for purchase. I know of a lot of unhappy collectors out there. Since 1986, gold and silver proof American Eagles have been produced. This year – none. How much revenue is this going to cost the U.S. Treasury?

And the continuing shortage of the American bullion products, especially the Buffalo gold coins seems to be something the Mint is incapable or unwilling to address.

Lastly, even though this is appropriate to blame Congress (and former President Bush) who passed this into law, what’s with these jumbo quarter dollars the Mint will be producing next year and for several years thereafter? A 5-ounce silver, 3-inch diameter .999 fine coin denominated as a quarter dollar? Isn’t anybody at the Mint paying attention to legislation pending in Congress?
Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

It seems like the Mint has a Michael Brown (think President George W. Bush appointee at FEMA) problem going on at the Mint.

Sorry, but Mint Director Edmund Moy has got to go.

Michael Roberts
is a hobbyist from Cleveland, Ohio.

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