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Provisional First Spouse numbers appear

littlemint.jpgThe first two First Spouse half-ounce $10 gold pieces sold out on the first day the Mint offered them for sale June 19. The Mint could not supply a breakdown between the number of uncirculated the number of proofs sold, so the box below is just a temporary indicator that an overall 40,000 coins were sold. We will tweak this in coming weeks and prepare for the next coins in the series.

Sales of Adams dollars are quite clearly running far behind Washington sales for rolls and bags. Even though Washington totals are hardly moving, the rate of Adams sales is not moving particularly fast.

This week the number of 2007 Buffalo proof coins sold totaled 1,980 while the number of uncirculated coins sold into the bullion coin market was 3,500 during the week.

The Little Rock Coin and Medal Set has not sold out yet.


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