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Proof Eagles fly, but how far?

This article was originally printed in the latest issue of Numismatic News.
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Proof gold American Eagle coin sales began Oct. 7 and sales to Oct. 10 appear in the new table on the second page.

Sales of the one-ounce piece started strongly with buyers snapping up more than half of the 25,000 that will be made available individually.

Buyers seem to be much less enthusiastic about the other sizes or the four-coin set.

Least popular is the half ounce where only 14.5 percent of the quantity available has been purchased. The quarter ounce moved 17.4 percent of its maximum and the four-coin set 18.3 percent. The tenth-ounce cleared out 25.7 percent of its maximum possible sales.

Availability of the proof gold American Eagles did not seem to have much impact on sales of proof gold Buffaloes. Another 1,164 of those were vended, which is a pretty rountine weekly number.

Buchanan Spouse enthusiasm has dropped sharply. Proofs are up by 270.

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