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Proof Eagle sales rate drops

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No sellouts to report yet for the proof gold American Eagle coins. The rate of sales has also fallen off from the frenzy of the first three days.

In the week of order taking since the last report, the Mint has tallied 5,215 additional sales of the one-ounce gold proof, roughly 40 percent of the sales pace of the opening days.

Nevertheless, the ounce is the closest to a sellout. There are just 5,805 of the individually packaged coins left.

The next most popular sales option is for the full four-coin set. There 9,987 have been sold, but since 39,000 sets are available, we are many weeks away from a sellout – if we ever reach one at all.

Nearly 32 percent of the individual tenth-ounce proofs, 22 perccent of the quarter-ounce coins and 19 percent of the half-ounce pieces have been sold, so sales for those options easily could run for the rest of the year.

Come Nov. 19, buyer attention will be diverted by the silver proof.

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