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Proof ounce gone

All 30,000 of the proof gold 2011 American Eagle coins were declared sold out by the U.S. Mint Oct. 14.

It is the first of five sales options in the 2011 program to reach that goal.

Procrastinators still have an opportunity if they think they cannot live without the coin.

2012 U.S. Coin Digest: Bullion

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The Mint still has over 27,000 of its four-coin gold proof sets on hand. It is priced at $3,585.50. The set contains the tenth-, quarter-, half- and one-ounce coins.

In addition, almost 15,000 of the tenth-ounce coins offered for sale individually remain on hand at a price of $215.50.

For the quarter ounce, almost 11,000 remain at a price of $503, while the half ounce shows roughly 9,000 remaining.

If all of the four-coin gold sets sell, total mintage of the ounce would be 70,000 pieces. Maximum production for the half ounce would be 45,000, the quarter ounce, 46,000, and the tenth ounce, 70,000.

See Mint Statistics for precise totals.


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